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Product: CD
Album: He Who's Invisible
Artist/Band: Richard O. Jackson
Music Company: Damascus Road Recording Company, LLC
Released: 2008
Priced: $12.99 (Shipping & Handling Included)
01. I Don't Know    music  
02. He's Truly Wonderful  music  
03. He Who's Invisible      music  
04. Died of a Broken Heart    music  
05. Praise Him in the Dance Part 1 & 2      (featuring Saga T.C.)      music  
06. I Just Want To Be Where You Are music  
07. Jesus Is The Light      music  
08. To Serve You Lord      music  
09. All All Know Is Jesus   music  
10. Of The Lord        music  
11. Rough Side of the Mountain (featuring the Potter Brothers)       music  
12. Praise Him in the Dance (radio mix)  
13. He's Truly Wonderful (radio mix)  
14. Died of a Broken Heart (radio mix)  
15. I Don't Know (radio mix)  
16. Praise Him in the Dance Part 2 "The       Rap" (featuring Saga T.C.)   music