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About Us
The mission of Damascus Road Recording Company LLC is to groom and introduce Christian/gospel artist to a world that will receive it’s straight from the Word message, leaving people musically moved bringing them to a closer knowledge of Jesus Christ. Be it lifting the spirits of the saints, or ministering hope to the lost, our desire is that everyone will feel, hear, and see Jesus Christ in our music. Remember, everyone has had or will have a Damascus Road Experience.
CEO Robert W. Stevenson Richard O. Jackson
The idea of Damascus Road Recording Company LLC is the brainchild of two dedicated Christians, who through God, have created a music ministry to groom, mentor and record Christian music artist and songwriters. The music ministry of Damascus Road Recording seeks to help build faith in Jesus Christ through its positive message. The founders, (Robert W. Stevenson and Richard O. Jackson) each comprise over thirty years of experience in the recording business. Singing mates in the R&B group Paramour (By Way of Love), back in the day, gave them the opportunity to work with and form relationships with some of R&B and Pop music’s giants of the industry. Both are reborn and are now writing, singing, producing, and recording for the Lord.
Damascus Road Recording is fully committed to each artist that the Lord connects us with; from picking the right song and song writer(s), arrangement, and production. Damascus Road Recording sees each and every project through to completion including mixing, mastering, art work and manufacturing. We work to find the promotion and marketing team to match the needs of the artist’s project. We have enlisted the services of Jeffery (Jay) Thomas (keyboards and arranging) of Jay Thomas Productions, and Robert Tatum, of Remarkable Entertainment for music production. Video direction for our projects company are handled by June Rochelle and Robert Tatum of Remarkable entertainment. Finally, we let the music speak for itself and pray that what you see and hear ministers to your spirit. Remember, everyone has had or will have a Damascus Road Experience.
  “Where God’s Word Is In The Music”  
V.P. Robert E. Tinder Damascus Road Recording, LLC